I got to Coligny and drove through town past the Transnet station and massive silos and pretty old buildings. It must have been a pretty little town, but now it is mostly run down and a bit crumbly. On the way out I stopped at a little shop for a cold drink and got invited to spend the night.

I hung around a bit for the work day to finish and we headed off to drop my bags and bike at the house. We had to stop at the Hotel in town for a quick drink with a friend, a friend we later fond out is a mutual friend…

I met someone in Lichtenburg on my stay there a few weeks ago, the most corrupt sheep farmer in the North West (His words not mine) and later the night, he re-introduced himself as the richest sheep farmer in the North West. (Again, his words not mine). The transition is inevitable I guess…

As we walked into the hotel, to meet my hosts’ friend – there awaits the most corrupt/richest sheep farmer in the North West. It was like Facebooks’ ‘people you might know’ section just turned into a reality show, in Coligny.

We stayed for a while and caught up on the trip and life’s happenings over the last few weeks before heading home to light the fires and have a braai.

In the morning I headed off to Lichtenburg and from there it is Koster, Magaliesburg and then Pretoria. I wanted to go see a place called Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskiet Fontein, but I am told the dirt roads are terrible. I will be back to go see the place and take a picture of the longest name I have ever seen some other time.

I arrived in Lichtenburg quite early and stopped at a filling station just outside of town for a rest and to refill water bottles. I also got stuck in a Turnstile at a bathroom… but it was not funny. I did not want to leave my bag at the bicycle, so I carried it in with me, which is what caused the blockage. I ended up having to put another R2 into the meter to make the stupid Turnstile go around another rotation, to let me go inside. But I was not able to reach the meter, so I had to ask someone to put the R2 in for me. It was not funny at all.

On my way out of the filling station I heard a funny sound coming from my back wheel… it was another spoke snapping off. The fifth one. It was unable to bear the burden any longer… Unable to hold on, unable to persevere for another moment… It was so sad, we got so close, and the end was in our reach, but it just gave up.

I drove very slowly, with a very wobbly wheel and avoided every little bump in the road until I finally got to Die Ouwerf Restaurant for an unannounced visit. I had hardly got my bag off my back and I had a massive brunch in front of me and my back wheel was being loaded into the car to be hauled off to the bicycle doctor.

With the wheel in good hands and my tummy filled I spent the day catching up on happenings in Lichtenburg, In the afternoon I was headed to a friends place to spend the night while I wait for the wheel to be fixed.

We had a very deep discussion around a fire about the purpose of life, our existence and the meaning of everything. My head was mushy by the end of the evening, and I think I hit the limit of what my brain can process in one day.

Day two back in LTX (Which is the abbreviation for Lichtenburg) and the bike is going to take a bit longer than expected, so I am spending the weekend in town. On Sunday I get to shoot stuff. Who Hoo!

Another night of pushing my poor little brain to it’s limit by discussing all sorts of topics such as pyramids, solar systems, crop circles, conspiracies and so much more. I think I might have blocked out the memory of the evening because my brain was traumatised by the influx of information.

Saturday I learnt how to load bullets and got to load my own. It is a very strict and controlled process and I had to use what was left of my brain to concentrate on doing it right. A tall order after the last two nights.

Sunday was one of the greatest days of the whole trip. Loading the bullets was interesting and I learnt a lot, but let’s be honest, getting to shoot stuff is fun. I felt like such a bad-ass.

Check out the grouping of my first three shots I ever fired with a rifle. The top two holes are from a different target and shooter. I think I might have missed a career opportunity as a sniper…


Not bad for my first time Shooting, ever!

Next I got to shoot with a much older rifle. No scope and standing up shooting out of hand. Not nearly as easy, but still tons of fun. I did have one problem, it was really loud, and my ears were ringing. Apparently earplugs only work when they are in your ears… #whoknew


After everyone had a chance to shoot a few rounds we headed to another part of the range and set up the tables and chairs for the rest of the morning – which would be handgun training. Not just standing and shooting at something, we had to roll around and shoot, run and shoot and shoot through tyres and obstacles.

It was awesome. I did not fare as well with the handguns, I seem to be a much better sniper than hand to hand combat type of person. With the training were we had to run through a scenario of 5 assailants that were breaking into our house, you have to shoot, you guessed it, 5 targets in a specific sequence and from various angles and positions. I hit one guy on the thumb, and another on his earlobe… Not quite as great as my first results with the rifles.

On Monday I headed to the bike shop to pick up my wheel and got packed up and headed back to Ouwerf Restaurant to put the bike back together and head off toward Koster. I ended up staying another night instead.

Koster was an interesting stop, I was asked to participate in a medical survey in town, and I got a new saddle – a softer one.

I had to undergo a full medical inspection that uses electro-magnetic pulses (I think). The survey then gives feedback on your health status on a cellular level. The treatments are done in a similar way and basically shock the cells into activity. I am usually sceptical about weird types of medical treatments and miracle cures, but I will admit, I was surprised at the accuracy of the results. It picked up all the broken bones I have ever had, my low blood sugar levels and a few other things that sprung from injuries or being sick as a child. But do not fret or be alarmed, I will be around for a while yet.

The test also provided some ways to improve my life… It picked up that I need to eat more pudding and that I am not allowed to sleep any less than nine hours a night… Okay I might be over-exaggerating a bit, it said eight hours…


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