My time in Kuruman was great. I got to see some old friends from High School and spend some time walking around town exploring the places I remember from the years I lived here.

The night of my record day, yes I am bragging again, I crashed at a friends place on his couch. We had a braai and caught up on the three years that had passed since we last saw each other. It was great to catch up on all the news and what all our class mates are up to, some of the stories are shocking, others expected, and the odd few were complete surprises. After the food and great visit, I was happy to hit the sack or couch in this instance, and call it a day. A Record Day! Okay, I will stop now.

We went for breakfast at the new casino in town before we headed to another visit and braai with some family. I threw a pine cone for Spotty the dog, and then it was time to eat – delicious Snoek, Chops and wors and Braai pap. Food fit for a king. After the braai I am moving to a new bed for the next two nights – a lodge with fluffy pillows and a killer breakfast.

I spent the day catching up on some writing, replying to messages from back home and catching up with the news from the guys I am staying at. I am at Safari Travelodge. I used to run the restaurant here, so I might be bias when saying this, but the food and accommodation here are great.

Monday morning I unpacked the bike and headed to Dup’s Cycles for a bike service. I asked the guys at the shop to just do the basics because of budgetary constrains. (Being a drifter pays badly, surprisingly) I now have to wander the streets of Kuruman for a day until I have my wheels back.

The great thing is that I know the town, I got to see everything I wanted to see and everyone I wanted to see, I even had my glasses fixed, at the same place I first got given my third and fourth eyes. LG Optometrists was kind enough to fix my specs and put new nose pillows on them. Nose pillows, Haha

I wandered around The Eye of Kuruman, which is a fountain that bubbles up about 20 million litres of water a day. Google it if you don’t believe me. And there is a fish species here that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. After the eye I went for a stroll past my old house, the place I grew up – Some might say I have not grown up, I might even agree with them, so let us just say I grew older here.


The Eye of Kuruman

I almost forgot to mention that on the first night of my stay at the lodge, we (this being myself and three high school friends) found a pink ball and inevitably started kicking it around and playing ‘never let it drop’. Unfortunately we are all a bunch of retards and the game ended in a field surrounded by cows and us trying to inflict as much pain as possible to the others by throwing the ball at each other with vigour and determination. Did I mention that it was an inflatable ball? It got punctured very soon after the game started and now we have a sad toddler who cannot understand why her new toy is broken already.

After a few minutes and a replacement ball, we were tired, so we decided to call it a draw and go sit down.

My last day in town, and I have to pick up the bike from the shop. I walked in to see my poor baby being operated on… I was not so much worried for her survival as I was for the shock of what the opp will cost. We have all heard the stories of how ridiculous medical bills can be!

I found myself wishing I did rob that bank in Middleburg, but I boldly went to the counter to get the bill… where I was told not to worry about paying, the service was on the house. How awesome is Dup’s Cycles?? Very Awesome! You guys better get to the shop and support them.

 So I left Kuruman with my wheels in tip top shape, glasses to see you better and a refreshed sense of being blessed and provided for. And great new memories to add to the ones from growing up here.



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