My final stop for the first leg of my epic two year adventure – Middleburg. I know, I have been here before, but this time I am here on official business… I have a braai to get to.

I had a nice, easy drive into town and spent the afternoon walking around town. Late afternoon I headed to the fishing club with my hosts for the next couple of days, where we enjoyed a cold one after a long day and to meet some of the locals of Middleburg.

On my first night in town I got to have something I have missed terribly. Something I have had a hankering for, for weeks. I have driven past places that sell them so often. Each time, I die a bit on the inside. I cannot explain how it feels to finally have one. My spine is tingling and I have a naughty feeling that I am doing something so good, it should be illegal.  Pizza, I have missed you, old friend.

Day two in Middleburg and we are heading out to a work site on a game farm to check on progress and I was lucky enough to turn it into a mini game drive. I saw Eland, Zebra and a few other animals as we drove along the fence to check progress.

We got back to town and met with more friends I know from the road and headed back to the fishing club for a bite to eat and to plan what we will be doing for the rest of the day. Somehow, during our visit at the club the conversation leaned toward the rise in ATM bombings in Middleburg. And how, and where, the guys doing the heists are getting the explosives and escaping the law. Needless to say, within minutes we were planning our own bank heist and plotting escape routes and alibi’s.

I do feel it necessary to mention that we did not ACTUALLY rob any banks, or blow anything up. Please do not phone the cops, being stuck in prison would seriously hinder the rest of my trip. Instead of blowing up an armoured vehicle, we went for a braai and had a great evening. We ate way too much and finished one too many bottles of wine, but all in the name of friendship and good times.

The next morning, I dare say slower than normal, and a bit quieter than normal, we packed up and headed to Pretoria, I caught a lift into the city to avoid cycling through the blinding mist that hung like a blanket over Middleburg. I could not see more than 5 meters ahead of myself. I was packed into the back of a Taureg, bike, bags and all into the boot. I will admit, great packing space in these vehicle.

Arriving in Pretoria quite smelly and very tired, I bring my first two months to an end. I have been so blessed by the people I met along the way. I have seen the most incredible places and things. I have learnt valuable life changing lessons and hopefully been able to inspire people to embrace the unknown and step out of their comfort zones to experience adventure and new experiences.






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