After breakfast and final farewells in Lephalale, I am on the way to a place called Vaalwater. I was informed that the road is quite steep, but not as bad as some of the passes I have conquered in Mpumalanga. I have been resting a bit so I have a lot of energy and feel good.

I managed the hills with relative ease and got about halfway to Vaalwater. I stopped at a butchery that looks like a castle for a rest and had a nice chat to the owners. I ended up staying for the night.

I did work for my stay – It happens to be month end, and they need to do a stock take. And I thought my days of doing stock take were over. I left the retail and sales industry behind me at the beginning of this trip and never imagined I would have to count stock again. For everyone who works in sales or retail, you know the pain of stock take weekends… I feel your pain!

I spent the afternoon helping to count and weigh biltong, drywors and freezers full of venison. My fingers where frozen, but I gladly helped out in exchange for me staying there for the night. After stock take we shared dinner and I had an early night before heading on the next morning.

Along the way I stopped at Vaalwater and tried in vain to get a map of Limpopo. There are no more Tourist info centres in Limpopo. And no one sells maps of the province. But I got some energy bars and snacks for the road. Now on toward Nylstroom. Not much is happening in Vaalwater, except crazy traffic. The guys from Medupi power Station have a short weekend because of month end and it is school holidays so everyone is heading toward the North in their 4X4’s. The last two days’ traffic has been crazy. Not to mention the headwind that has started to become a bit of a bother.

I got about halfway between Vaalwater and Nylstroom and started looking for a place to spend the night, but everywhere I pull in, I see dogs roaming around and I cannot get close enough to ask for a place to camp for the night. I decided to pull into Geluksfontein Goat cheese Farm and was blessed enough to be invited in for a place to sleep and dinner. I had a great time here and got to walk around and see how things work. A pretty awesome place and highly recommended for a rest stop along the road. There is a great restaurant, a curio shop and such a chilled vibe as you sit under the trees and enjoy some great food and take in the views.

You might notice now that I am on a detour back to Pretoria, I am heading toward Settles and then Marble Hall and Middleburg again. But the reason is not just because of the protest action on the road heading into Pretoria from this side…




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