Finally the time has come to start my tour. Cue the music and unchain the volunteers. Let’s get the show on the road. (I make bad puns when I am about to start big projects)

Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn, or close to it, my folks will take me to a top secret, need-to-know-only location for the start of my journey. (It is a tree about 20km out of town, on the R25 towards Bronkhorstspruit.) There we will have coffee and muffins and a final prayer or two before I boldly cycle off into the sunrise. I have visions of how this takes place – Me, cycling away into the big World as my folks wave goodbye – it happens in slow motion in my visions, but I can’t look back at them and wave goodbye, because I tend to drive in the direction my head goes, and THAT would cause a very early, very inconvenient crash…

Everything feels a bit unreal to me at the moment, to be honest. It feels like this is only starting sometime in the future, or that I was not really serious about the whole thing and tomorrow I just go back to work. But I am ACTUALLY doing this, tomorrow morning I am off to start this amazing adventure.

My snacks are all packed in, my bottles are filled and I have checked everything and double checked it again. The bike is all shiny and everything that has to move is moving, and everything that must not, isn’t.

As soon as I have some time, I will post a picture of my gear. I was planning to get it done for now, but as usual I left everything for the last minute and it is too dark now to take a decent picture of my gear all packed out, so I will get it done on my next stop. I am happy with my current setup. I feel like I have room for improvement, but it will work until I can afford better panniers and racks, or find alternative ways of packing.

Wish me luck and honk if you see a guy with a look of panic on his face heading toward Middleburg on his bicycle. It is probably me, wondering what I got myself into.



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