In the beginning I decided to go to the Northern Cape first, seeing as this beautiful province plays host to my home town. Now, I have decided to head to Mpumalanga and Limpopo first. Mainly because I have a family gathering in the area coming up, and I figured I might as well be there for it, seeing as I am part of said family. (They have tried to deny my membership, but this ginger is going nowhere!) I am kidding I am sure they all love me…

So my new plan is from Pretoria, heading to Mussina via a few stops in Mpumalanga and then back to Pretoria from Mussina via Lephalale. That is Ellisras for all the politically incorrect folks out there. (I had to Google it now to seem more PC)

Here is the general direction I will be cycling for the next six weeks – Route 1

I have come up with a name I want to use for the book as well, I am thinking: “Who is South Africa”. I think it summarizes what my vision is for the book quite nicely – a beautiful Expose on the people that make this country beautiful.

I spent the day fiddling with different ways to pack everything. and did a test run with the relative weight I will be carrying. I must admit, quite proudly, I did not suffer too badly. My backside felt it a bit more than usual, but the legs and lungs kept going like little troopers. I am not at all worried about the fitness side of this trip. 

I do have to still work on strapping methods and finding ways to make sure I have as much as possible packed on the bike and not on my back. 


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