So, where do I begin? Basically, I have decided to go cycling all around South Africa, as a writing project to experience the country from a new perspective. Hopefully changing my perspective along the way, and, at the very least, influence yours’ to see that taking on an adventure – whatever that adventure is – is doable. That a leap of faith is needed to achieve a goal or dream, and that by taking that leap, provision will appear when it is needed.

It will be a story of adventure, meeting new people and pushing myself to the limit of what I thought I could accomplish. I might not have mentioned this, but I am not actually a cyclist. I just decided that this is what I want to do, and now I am going to make it happen. My plan is to cycle through about one hundred towns selected in such a way that by doing this, I will have visited every part of South Africa. I also hope to cycle every mountain pass and mountain tunnel in SA, topping the trip off with a coastal trip from the Mozambique Border to the Namibian border, with a pit stop at Cape Agulhas.

I always think to myself: “how to travel blogs start” I mean, I have no followers, and no experiences to write about just yet, and most definitely no idea of what to expect. Not to mention that I do not have any funding or sponsors, no media partners or backing from some big company. I am going to be doing this epic two year journey all be myself – selling my material, my services (calm down, I mean temp jobs along the way), and rely on the generosity and kindness of others. It seems crazy, now that I am writing it down. I have had a week and a day of preparing and planning so far, and up till now, it has been overwhelming and exciting and scary and often a constant explanation to people that I am not running away from reality.

I am not running away, (mom, don’t stress, your ginger son is not heading into the big wide World alone, without sunscreen) I am just taking a huge leap of faith and doing what I have always dreamed of doing: To be a travelling, writing, photography… uhm, person – Living for the moment, inspiring others to step outside their own comfort zones, into their relative ‘magic’ zones. I’m not saying that MY dream is supposed to be everyone else’s dream too. All I am saying is that I am hoping to inspire you to take the leap and …………… (fill in the blank with whatever it is that makes your heart skip a beat, no seriously, do it!!!)  To make you see that with some hard work, some sacrifice and a lot of faith, you can do anything you want to. Oh my, I have become the optimistic cliché my brooding teenage self would want to punch in the liver. Oh well…

Okay, so let us get started, The journey up till now, in a relatively small nutshell:

I have some of the right gear, I have a long list of things I should have (but don’t) to make this trip a lot easier, and I have a bicycle. Not the typical bikepacking bicycle, but I do not have money to buy another bike now, so I will make do. I do not have the fancy insulated clothing, the self-inflating mattress, or any of the other items that our friends at the camping shop always say “you must have for this kind of trip”. But hey, we have been exploring and travelling in extreme conditions for much longer than the camp shop in the mall has been around. I am not dissing the guys that sell the gear, or make the gear, or use the gear, I like the gear, I want the gear, I just do not have a lot of money to buy the gear, so I use sarcasm and a hint of optimism to convince myself I will make it without the gear.

I will make it! And along the way I will learn, grow and get the right things to make the trip easier with each passing month. So that is the gear list done, sorry I do not have a awesome photo with the gear all spread out like some other travel bloggers. #justsaying but I will post it as soon as I can. I promise.

The route… Well, I have no specific plan or deadline, I am heading out from Pretoria on the N4 toward the North West province, and then on to the Northern Cape, from there, I will hopefully be in time to see the flowers of the Namaqualand. That is pretty much as far as I have planned. Feel free to follow my social media pages to see where I am heading as the trip goes: Facebook or Twitter or Instagram

And this is literally were things stand at the moment, I am sitting in my flat with piles of stuff that needs sorting, things to store, things to donate, things to pack in, and instead of doing that, I am writing stuff on my blog, that no one follows yet… (does this qualify as me talking to myself?)

Anyway, I am off for now, back to sorting and packing and making sure I have as much done as possible to make this trip a success. Always live your life to the absolute maximum, there is only one you, and only one chance to make it awesome. Do it! (I promise I will not end each post with such a cheesy saying)


2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. I have just read a book by OSHO called awareness. And what you are going to do fits in with what I read. I am going to follow you all the way. Have fun be brave and enjoy every moment. Namaste ginger nut😁😁


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